Miss Conception: 5 Steps To Overcome Our Misconceptions And Achieve Our Own Crowning Moments


We all have dealt with them. Either through how others perceive us, or our own misconceptions of others. How we meet these attitudes and our reaction to the false beliefs can help shape the core foundation that molds us as adults. This is especially true in young women.

As an accomplished author, successful businesswoman and national pageant queen, Lisa Moser has had to deal head on with the misconceptions attached to pageantry, living life in the spotlight, and dreaming again as we get older.  She shares about her battle with low self-esteem and body image issues throughout her life.  It took intense work to become a confident woman.

She shares her aspiration to help women who face insecurities brought on by the media’s ideals of what we should look like as well as our own expectations. As a result, Lisa has opened her heart and provided an honest look into how she has overcome the misconceptions of her life.
Lisa shares how to win your own crowns through debunking these common misconceptions:

•    Performance and perfection equals love and worth
•    Outward physical appearance can bring you happiness
•    Being healthy means eating salads
•    I can’t do that, what will people think
•    As we age, we lose the inspiration to create goals and dream

Through her stories and insights, Lisa shares her heart and provides a path to empowerment. She helps readers understand their self-worth while facing life head on. Best of all she demonstrates that you are never too old to chase your dreams.